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Welcome to Diversity Pageants USA formerly Miss Diversity, Miss Teen Diversity, Mrs. Diversity and Miss Diversity News, Miss Teen Diversity News & Mrs. Diversity News Pageants Media Partners 2017 Page!





MEDIA PARTNERS WANTED! Call 213-321-9408

Generous in-kind sponsors like you are absolutely critical to the success and visibility of our events—we couldn’t do it without you!  In taking on this role, your company will serve as an extraordinary example of corporate giving and community outreach.

Placing a Diversity Pageants advertisement on your digital, printed, and/or outdoor media, such as:

  •  Web ads (banners, sidebars, etc.) and our logo featured on your website/app.
  • Printed ads in your newspaper or magazine.
  • Audio PSA’s aired on your radio station or website’s streaming audio.
  • Video PSA posted on your website or streaming video content.
  • Digital or printed ads on your company’s outdoor space (billboards, mall displays).
  • Publish our press releases online or print before and after events.
  • Write articles or stories before and after our events.
  • Other ad space your company has to offer—we’re open to all ideas!

Encouraging your readers to support Diversity Pageants through your website, email communications, and/or social media channels.

Online Recognition + Your Business Advertise

  • Your logo/wordmark, with website link, on the In-Kind Sponsorship page of the Diversity Pageants website for up to one (1) year. More than 500,000 unique visitors log on to and visit Diversity Pageants annually.
  •  Your logo on the In-Kind Sponsorship page of the Diversity Pageants website.
  • Your company name mention in our Diversity Pageants press releases.
  •  A social media post featuring your Diversity Pageants partnership to our followers across our platforms with a company link and logo inclusion.

  Day of Diversity Pageants Special Event and Diversity Pageants Coronation Ceremony

  • Three (3) ticket invitations to the Special Events and Diversity Pageants Coronation held for the casting call, contestants, top sponsors, elected leaders, news makers and shakers media and celebrities.
  • Special access for your media team to cover our events, including press passes for the Diversity Pageants Coronation Ceremony.


Note: Do you know some companies pays other website to link them. Linking your website ranks better on search engines and on ranking websites such as:,,, and others.

The ranking websites rank your website Global, Country and Category. Also the more your organization or company name is mentioned on articles the more your company name to show up on the 1st pages of search engines such as Google.

So remember the more you are linked and mention online, the more opportunities you will receive for revenue from prospect advertisers or sponsors.

Diversity Pageants USA formerly Miss Teen/Miss/Mrs. Diversity & Miss Teen/Miss/Mrs. Diversity News, Mr. Diversity & Mr. Diversity News Pageants USA Organization

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