Welcome to Diversity Pageants USA formerly Diversity Pageants: Miss Diversity, Miss Teen Diversity, Mrs. Diversity and Miss Diversity News, Miss Teen Diversity News & Mrs. Diversity News, Mr. Diversity & Mr. Diversity News Pageants Committee Board Members!

What does a Committee Board Members Does? They help with sponsors, prizes, entertainers, media coverage and buzz, take responsibility on some of the behind the scenes work the may need to be done for a successful event. They also are part of the event crew such as P.A., Camera Men, Reporters, Hosts, Singers/Performers even arranging and booking others. Also help with rehearsal venues or event venues. Helping to get female and male contestants. Want to join us? Text to: (213) 321-9408

Welcome to: Joey Valdez, Member

Joey Valdez, Actor, Producer and Celebrity Host.

For more information about Joey Valdez visit his official website at or his IMDB at

Diversity Pageants USA formerly Miss Teen/Miss/Mrs. Diversity & Miss Teen/Miss/Mrs. Diversity News, Mr. Diversity & Mr. Diversity News Pageants USA Organization

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